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    • CommentAuthorsilan1
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2009
    Hey i have a problem with plogger that i cannot solve. I used plogger roughly around a year ago and then lost interest in making websites. After nearly a year i have decided to re-establish my websites and basically uploaded my backup of my website onto the new hosts server and i cant seem to install plogger. I already spent more then ten hours configuring the image database the way i wanted it when i first opened my site so going back and re installing a new version is not an option for me. Can someone please give me steps or directions in how to make my old plogger database work with my new host. What do i have to do first to get it to work, i have tried opening _install.php and filling it in and after i get my pw i recieve this error

    string(42) "Table 'plogger_collections' already exists" string(37) "Table 'plogger_albums' already exists" string(39) "Table 'plogger_pictures' already exists" string(39) "Table 'plogger_comments' already exists" string(37) "Table 'plogger_config' already exists" string(47) "Table 'plogger_thumbnail_config' already exists" string(42) "Table 'plogger_tag2picture' already exists" string(35) "Table 'plogger_tags' already exists" INSERT command denied to user '*********'@'localhost' for table 'plogger_config'