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    • CommentAuthorjofield
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    I'm new to Plogger and to PHP/CSS etc. but am finding my way round pretty well. Firstly, can I just say congrats on such a superb piece of software!! Plogger is fantastic.

    Only problem is I can't get CAPTCHA to work. I'm using version RC1 and template Lucid, but where the CAPTCHA image should be displayed in the comments form it just displays the words "CAPTCHA image", and if I try to submit a dummy comment to text it says "Comment did not post due to the following errors: • CAPTCHA check failed."

    Sorry if I've missed out a simple step in setting it up but as I mentioned I'm new to all this coding ;0) Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated as this is the only part not working as I want now before unleashing my photos on the world! ;0)

    thanks all
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2010

    It may be that your server setup does not allow for direct output of image files from a PHP script (which is needed for any CAPTCHA image to work). I'd check with your webserver to see if they allow for direct writing of image files from the GD library via a PHP script.