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    • CommentAuthoraltrego
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2005
    I need to know how to work around the port problem. When trying to load anything, the script defaults "" However, I need it to default to "" or ""

    • CommentAuthoraltrego
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2005
    Ideas? Anyone?
    • CommentAuthorPeterA14
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2005
    Anyone figure this out yet?? I am having the same problem.
    • CommentAuthorniceday
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2005
    Any url I can see and test?
    • CommentAuthorcliff
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2005
    I am having the same problem. anyone have a fix for this yet?
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2005 edited
    The problem is that Plogger uses the variable $config["baseurl"] to generate URL's for all gallery elements. By default, this variable does not contain the server port.

    In plog-load_config.php: the "Base URL" is generated with this code:

    $config["baseurl"] = "http://".$_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]. substr($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"],0,strrpos($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"],"/")) . "/";
    // remote admin/ from the end, if present .. is there a better way to determine the full url?
    if (substr($config["baseurl"],-6) == "admin/") {
    $config["baseurl"] = substr($config["baseurl"],0,-6);

    Maybe you could try changing that first line to something like
    $config["baseurl"] = "http://".$_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]. ':' . $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT]'.substr($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"],0,strrpos($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"],"/")) . "/";

    That would pull in the server port and add it to the baseurl variable, thus propagating through and including the port number on all your gallery links. This is just a guess, I haven't tested this but let me know if it works.

    A full list of PHP server variables can be found here:
    • CommentAuthorcliff
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2005
    that didnt work.
    • CommentAuthorcliff
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2005
    yours didnt work but i found a quick fix just by messing around with the code a little. i used....

    $config["baseurl"] = "http://".$_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]. ':8000' .substr($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"],0,strrpos($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"],"/")) . "/";

    ...where 8000 is my server port. it would be really nice to substitute with a variable but it will do for now. i hope that will be one of the updates included in the next release.

    great product by the way.

    • CommentAuthorPeterA14
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2005

    That worked for me THANKS !!!

    And I agree GREAT product.... And now I can use it !!!