What is Version 2.1?

Version 2.1 is a security patch for Plogger Beta 2. There are no new features in this release, however we have fixed several security holes to make Plogger more secure. If you are running Beta 2 on your website, we strongly suggest you upgrade your copy to keep your site protected.

Download Plogger Beta 2.1 here

Installation Instructions

If you are upgrading from Beta 1, then simply follow the upgrade instructions found in our documentation. If you are upgrading from Beta 2, then there is no need to run _upgrade.php. Simply overwrite the files from your old installation to get up to date. Do not overwrite your plog-config.php file. If you accidentally overwrite this file with a blank copy from the fresh install package, your gallery will not be able to connect to the database. If you accidentally do this, don't panic, simply open up plog-config.php and fill in your database connection paramaters manually.

Also, if you have modified your Plogger skin by changing the index.php file in the Plogger root directory, you do not want to overwrite this file with the fresh one in Plogger 2.1. Besides the fact that this file is unchanged, we do not want to see all your beautiful Plogger skins replaced with the plain vanilla one we provide!

I Have a Completely Modified Version of Plogger, What Do I Do?

Many of our users have taken it upon themselves to customize Plogger to get layout and functional changes in their personal copies. While we encourage this, upgrading your software will potentially overwrite all your hard coded modifications. In the future, you will be able to create your own themes which will be upgrade safe. Until Beta 3 is released, there is no way around this. If you have a highly modified version of Plogger, we have provided a line by line change log so you can manually patch your installation without overwriting your personal changes.

Manual Upgrade Instructions

The following files have been patched:

Beware, if you are copying and pasting modifications straight from the file comparison reports, note that odd spaces appear in the pasted text. Make sure to remove these or your code may not execute.

Only attempt to manually update your installation if you have experience with PHP scripting. We do not recommend that beginners attempt to do this. Just overwrite and be done with it.