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    • CommentAuthorjamie
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2011
    Just installed plogger, and have a couple of issues. No idea if they are related as unfortunately I'm not fluent in php at all!

    First, whenever I'm logged into the admin section, I have this error message across the top of the screen:
    Notice: Undefined index: JPG Support in /home/stopanti/public_html/gallery/plog-admin/plog-admin-functions.php on line 1986

    I did initially also have assorted Depreciated Function errors, but I solved these by following the instructions here. ie: Download
    And extract the files to "plogger\plog-includes\lib\phpthumb" overwriting everything (you may want to make a backup before hand just in case).

    The other problem I'm having is that I'm unable to manage albums or individual images. If I click on the Manage tab, it takes me (correctly) to the Manage Content page, where I see a list of collections. But if I click on a collection, or the "edit" button, instead of it taking me to the correct link (eg:, there is a pause, and I'm redirected to the upload page. So there's no way for me to add, edit or delete albums.

    My host is running Apache 2.2.15 and MySQL 5.0.92-community and PHP 5.3.2, if that info helps.

    Many thanks for any assistance.