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    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Hello mrbob,

    You have some good suggestions. Some are already in the works and others have yet to be started. I'll try to address each of them.

    Posted By: mrrbobBecause of this I would like to request you ad a new section called version history.

    Please place this on the main menu so people using Plogger can pop in, click on this and instantly know if there is a newer version available, this section should be organized with oldest versions at bottom and newest version at top and it should say this clearly. This page should also have a change log for every new version so we can tell what is new and aside from security concerns be able to judge is an upgrade is desired.
    This is actually already being worked on. In fact, there is an entire website redesign in the works that will hopefully allow the developers (and the community) an easier time with changelogs, documentation, plugins / mods / hacks, example galleries, etc. It's just taking awhile because we are a small development team (currently at 4 people) that is made up entirely of volunteers.

    To answer your question, however, here is the list of Plogger releases to this date going from newest on top to oldest at the bottom.

    1.0-RC1 (current stable release; RC = release candidate; we will release Plogger 1.0 once RC1 has been tested and bugs reported)
    1.0beta 3 (aka "beta3" or "Plogger 3.0beta")
    1.0beta 2.1 (aka "Plogger 2.1beta")
    1.0beta 2 (aka "Plogger 2beta")
    1.0beta 1 (aka "Plogger 1")

    Here is a document that we as a development team have adopted to work from for version numbering in the future.

    Posted By: mrrbobYou programmer types need to understand we non programmer types don't get your version naming theory. Thus the idea of a version history section.
    The reason for the sticky post is because we decided to rename Plogger 3.0beta to Plogger 1.0beta3 as there has never been a non-beta release of Plogger, so we decided to try and start using the new naming convention so people were not confused with Plogger 1.0 was released as the first (hopefully) fully stable version. It appears that I did not explain the situation as well as I had hoped.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Posted By: mrrbob1. would be an auto version checking system so every time you log in to the admin section you will be notified of a newer version. This should include security alerts if there is an upgrade needed to fix a security problem.
    This would be a great feature and has been discussed by the development team. However, nothing has been coded yet, so it will be in a near-future release.

    Posted By: mrrbob2. I would like to see would be an IP blocking feature for comments. I get a ton of comment spam on my plogger installs and have to spend lots of time deleting comments every time I log in. I do not log in very often so spam comments can build up to hundreds of comments needing to be deleted. I would like to be able to block entire IP ranges via this feature not just single IP addresses.
    We are hoping to implement this in the future as well. We've mostly been focusing on fixing other bugs in the Gallery and Admin section themselves and have put comment issues (to a degree) on the back-burner. We have implemented some small comment spam blockage attempts in the current 1.0-RC1 release, but these do not include IP blocking at this time. We will be working on it for a future release. If you would like to make sure it gets attention, please open a ticket for the dev team (they're not just for bugs, but enhancements as well).

    Posted By: mrrbob3. would be a comment flood control system configurable to allow a set number of comments per user/email address and IP on a per day or per hour basis.
    This is not yet scheduled for development. Please open a ticket for a future release.

    Posted By: mrrbob4. would be adding the wordpress akismet spam filter system to plogger to filter out known spam and comment spam containing links etc. This has been done on other software not just wordpress so I know it can be done with plogger.
    This is yet another good idea. We have been putting this off until plugin development was further along so that this could be developed as a plugin (just like Wordpress does). Not everyone uses comments and other use different systems than Askimet, so it would be best implemented as a plugin. We have just begun the very first steps for plugin integration in the 1.0-RC1 release and it is scheduled to be a big push for a near-future release. In fact, all of your suggestions besides the "Auto Version Checking System" would most likely fall under the plugin category.

    Posted By: mrrbobMy last word is this: Plogger Rocks and I'll keep using it no matter what, I would just like to be able to figure out the version thing a little more easy.
    Thanks for the encouragement and we hope that you continue to love Plogger as new releases come out! :D

    We really are trying to make Plogger better and utilize everyone's suggestions. It just takes some time (especially with the low number of contributers to the code). i hope you understand.